Surviving VS Living

Good morning beautiful!! One of the main things about life coaching is surviving vs living.  Surviving is what most people do in life… get up, go to work, do daily chores, maybe relax for a minute, go to bed, do it all over again!  Most of us find contentment in becoming complacent in life and call it living… as they are breathing.  In reality, my friends, this is surviving.  Living is not just breathing, living is waking up before your alarm, ready to conquer the daily tasks and having enough vigor to then enjoy time doing something you love with energy, being so present in that moment that all stress melts away (you’ll be surprised how great this is for your mental AND physical health!), and then feeling ready to lay down and getting a good nights sleep so you can get up and find enjoyment in every single aspect of your life!  THE most important aspect of my life coaching is teaching people this simple difference and showing them the path to living.  You all deserve to live a happy fulfilled life and most of us are just going through the motions.

NEVER FEAR! I have four tips on ways to help you flourish in life… Now there are many tips and tricks for this… so just remember these are only four and if you feel they aren’t the right four for you.. then that’s ok, you’re not left out because EVERYONE can live a better, more fulfilled life.

1. Look at things in a holistic light.  (Now many people think that holistic means alternative and it is used a lot to describe alternative medicine.  I am a holistic life coach and yes, that means I have great knowledge about alternative health options, but really holistic just means seeing the entire, big, picture)  Don’t just look at one area of your life, look at it as a whole.  Having enjoyment and vigor in one area is helpful, but it doesn’t make up for lacking in other departments.  For example, last week when discussing with my doctor my work out regimen, he said, ‘Nina, if going to the gym creates stress and anxiety, then do not go as the stress and anxiety is damaging to the body and makes whatever wonderful workout you do null and void.’ (Side note: I absolutely am not saying to use stress and anxiety about the gym or exercise as an excuse not to do those things, I am simply giving an example and stating that you should work through it and/or find another outlet for exercise until the anxiety about whatever it was you were going to do has resided, i.e. do a workout video at home instead of going to the gym)  Always consider your mind, body, and spirit when looking at your life and your enjoyment, not just your day to day tasks.  Ask yourself how those things make your mind, body, spirit feel.  Pay attention to certain symptoms as well, if you are tired, have insomnia, aches and pangs, or have a hard time focusing… of course there is the possibility of it being some medical woe, but also indications of un-fulfillment and making a few small changes can be a big deal.  (Look for an upcoming post about the research behind habit change)

2. Listen to your gut!  Hey guess what, that gut feeling that you get when you do things, it’s your intuition and subconscious telling you something is not right.  If you get a gut feeling about something you are doing, it truly means you are probably going against the grain of the flow of your life and let me tell you, that is a tough road to follow.  Do in life what makes your gut feel good!  Many of us have trained ourselves to ignore this feeling or that voice in our head, so if you are doing something unhealthy and you don’t hear or feel it, it probably means you have gotten good at ignoring it.  Take time to sit alone everyday.  Maybe in meditation or prayer, but sit and really pay attention to the sensations in your body and sooner or later that gut feeling or little voice will come back!

3. Don’t wait to start living the life you deserve.  Take one step right now!  (No seriously, reading this entire post is a step, so WAY TO GO!!!!)  Get up and do something healthy and feel good for yourself.  (contact your local life coach of you need help with this or contact me at and I will gladly help you out if you are clueless where to start)  Maybe taking a huge risk is not for you but there are TONS of small things you can do to enhance your life, even things that take so little time that you will never be able to use that excuse!

4. BE BRAVE!! Change is tough.  Making room and space for anything else is not easy and the different ‘consequences’ of change can be taxing but I guarantee you that the rewards are much greater than anything you have ever experienced!  So be courageous and take a stand for your health and well-being!  Get up and make a change towards living a better life!  Commit to yourself and getting the enjoyment and fulfillment that was meant for you!  You can do this, my friend!  You can make a difference in your life and others!  SO GET OUT AND ENJOY THE DAY!!!!